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US Process Safety opportunity

The Department of Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University invites inquiries, nominations, and applications of distinguished candidates for the position of the Herbert H. Dow Endowed Chair in Chemical Process Safety, to begin late 2017.

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Process Safety Pays

Process Safety Pays

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About The Film

Process Safety Pays is a short film with a strong message on the benefits of good process safety culture to a company. The film is part of a campaign aimed at senior management of process industry and is intended to be used as part of a presentation to foster senior managements’ awareness of the subject of process safety.

Senior management should be informed particularly about the economic and reputational impact of process safety in order to place the topic high on its agenda, to show options for action, to achieve the support by all levels of the company’s management, and ideally to initiate concrete action.

The film is designed to act as “opener” for a comprehensive presentation on the topic of process safety during board meetings, management conferences and symposia, followed by a PowerPoint presentation focused on the issues of the specific company.

The film focuses on the three key messages:
  • Process safety is important for economic success
  • I (as a senior executive) am responsible for safety and liable for deficiencies
  • I can do something

To take account of the limited time resources of the target audience, the film is only 7 minutes. The film does not use the usual approach to demonstrate the importance of process safety by showing disasters. Such pictures definitely impress safety, operation and engineering specialists as they are already sensitised to the inherent risks of process industries. Although this approach may first capture our target group´s attendance, too, the impact will fade away soon, as we all know from passing serious roadside accidents. Therefore an approach has been chosen which links process safety in a positive way to the executive type of flying as an activity which is familiar even to the non-technical members of our target group. This shall also create a positive association with a usually negatively connoted “risk topic”. The key messages are presented in form of testimonials by peers of our target group in order to achieve the highest possible credibility.

The film should be followed by a presentation by the company´s Process Safety Leader or the board member responsible for process safety. After the film has opened the mind towards process safety in a general way he or she should now analyse the company´s specific situation, highlight any issues and suggest necessary measures/projects. Suggestions for a presentation in PowerPoint format as well as a recommended reading list for this subject can be downloaded, along with a booklet to accompany the film. It is essential for the success of this campaign that this template is customised to the company´s specific needs. The duration of the presentation depends on the time given within e.g. the board meeting. As the film lasts only 7 minutes we believe that even a time slot of only one hour may be sufficient for this agenda point (including discussion). This approach should make it easier to get an invitation for such high level meetings.

The film was commissioned by EPSC together with the European Federation of Chemical Engineering and with the generous assistance of sponsors: Bayer, CEFIC, BG RCI, Dow, BASF, Clariant, Lloyds Register, Novartis and TUEV Sued. The right to use this internet version is limited to non-commercial public presentations as e.g. in training sessions and seminars. If you want to go beyond these restrictions, please contact EPSC first.

To capture senior management’s interest the film uses images in the high quality to which the target group is accustomed. We therefore recommend displaying it in HD quality and on a monitor of sufficient size (50´´ or bigger Plasma screen or HD projector). For this purpose the film is available in High Definition (HD) on Blue-Ray disc. It is also available in Standard Definition (PAL) on a Video-DVD.

We are aware that the film uses a new approach for this purpose. We would be glad to get feedback from your experience in using this package. We would also encourage you to share your approach for the company-specific presentation with us. This would enable us to update and improve the template for this presentation. Please contact Lee Allford, EPSC Operations Manager (

Ordering Information

The DVD is obtainable from EPSC offices by telephone order on +44 1788 534409 for a charge of €50 plus VAT to cover reproduction and postage. Payment is by credit card. Call during UK office hours (0900 to 1600 UTC) or leave a message for contact. Orders can also be sent by fax to +44 1788 560833.